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  • Tim McGarrity (Manager)

  • T:07449510567 M:07449510567 send an email to Tim
  • Nic Biagetti (Assistant)

  • T:07552110507 M:07552110507 send an email to Nic
  • Hugh Samson (Assistant)

  • T:07717832945 M:07717832945 send an email to Hugh
  • Stuart Winterburn (Coach)

  • T:07810552767 M:07810552767 send an email to Stuart
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Park U13s - Team Homepage

Frodsham Park U12's Sponsored By Gordon Products!

(Tim McGarrity 01/09/2018)
Parents, grandparents, relatives, 12 enthusiastic players, 1 Coach, 2 Assistants Managers and 1 Manager - All having the time of their lives watching, playing and taking part in football! Proudly sponsored by Gordon Products who have very... More

Start Of Season Parent Brief

(Tim McGarrity 08/09/2018)
Structure: For 2018/19 season we continue with the same management structure as last season. So, I’m thankful of the support of Hugh and Nick and of course Stu who will remain as our coach but will also... More

Frodsham Park U12 Fitness Test

(Tim McGarrity 08/09/2018)
What are we doing? We are going to measure the squad’s fitness level using the following five fitness tests: • 40m sprint measured in seconds – 1 attempt (Speed) • Standing... More

Equal Playing Time - The Art Of ...

(Tim McGarrity 09/09/2018)
Adjusted for U12 2018/19 Season...Adjusted again for arrival of new player: As you all know, one of our responsibilities is to ensure equal playing time. This originally caused the management some issues with organisation and large changes... More

Link To FA Division 3 Table

(Tim McGarrity 02/09/2018)
Please find the below link to the Division 3 League Table for the upcoming season. There are 5 Divisions in total this season.

Every fixture will be competitive this season with 3pts for a win, 1pt for a draw and 0pts for a defeat.