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  • Tim McGarrity (Manager)

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  • Nic Biagetti (Assistant)

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  • Hugh Samson (Assistant)

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  • Stuart Winterburn (Coach)

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Equal Playing Time - The Art Of ...

(Tim McGarrity 20/12/2017)
As you all know, one of our responsibilities is to ensure equal playing time. This originally caused the management some issues with organisation and large changes within the halves causing confusion and I think contributing, significantly, to early losses.

We've changed, going to a 60/30 minute playing format - with some players on for the whole game and others only half. Then swapping weekly to ensure equal play over a period of games. We will sub as required for tiredness or injury as we see fit - but this will not be taken into account when considering equal play time nor will being absent from a match.

So how do Hugh, Stu, Nick and I work out who is playing when?

Firstly we have 14 players and we are playing 9 aside - however the goalkeeper will always play 60 minutes leaving 8 positions for which we have to rotate 13 players through. So we need some maths..... excluding the goalkeeper:

8 players play 60 minutes so 8 x 60 = 480 minutes of football played in each game in total.

But some play 60 minutes (let's say X) and some play 30 minutes (let's say Y) so..

60X + 30Y = 480

There are 13 players (excluding goalkeeper)

Ergo X + Y = 13 or Y = 13 - X ... lets substitute this into the formula... 60X + 30Y = 480 ... which we derived earlier (I'm sure you all remember simultaneous equations from your school days) so:

60X+30(13-X)=480 which goes to
60X+390-30X=480 which goes to
30X+390=480 which goes to
30X=480-390 which goes to
30X=90 so...

As X+Y = 13, then Y= 10

Meaning for each match where we have 13 players (excluding the goalkeeper) we will have 3 play 60 minutes and 10 play 30 minutes. Phew.

Now we need to work out over how many matches will it take for each of the players to have equal play time. I thought this would be the lowest common multiple of 13 and 3 - but as these are both prime numbers then that's 39 and that's way too many matches. It turns out it's 13 games however after 4 games the difference is very small.

The bottom line is that most players will be playing 60 minute games every 4th or 5th game and 30 minute games in between.This will change if we have a player absent, injured or tired but our planning will center around this.

I actually monitor this on a spreadsheet (Jeez). if there is an easier way of doing this please let me know ...

Okay let's play football.